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How to Train Your Core During Pregnancy

Core Confidence: A Prenatal Guide to Diastasis Prevention

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Real quick – what is diastasis recti?

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Diastasis recti is when the muscles in your belly separate, often happening during pregnancy or due to certain activities like heavy lifting.


Training your core muscles—like those in your belly and lower back—is important to prevent this because strong core muscles help keep everything in place.


When your core is weak, it puts more pressure on your belly, which can lead to the muscles separating. But believe it or not, doing core work with poor form or choosing the wrong exercises can also cause the muscles to separate!


Strengthening your core muscles in the right way helps keep everything stable and reduces the risk of diastasis recti.


Why should you care...

​Diastasis recti can cause discomfort and other issues during and especially after pregnancy. Failure to maintain core health and prepare it properly for birth can lead to...

  • back pain

  • pelvic floor problems

  • and a weaker core


All of which makes it harder to meet the demands of motherhood, recovery properly, and return to exercise and your favorite activities.

My free guide will help you take the first steps to make sure that you are strengthening your core to have a smoother pregnancy and recovery.


"My recovery is going so well, and I have to thank you because this pregnancy I had much better outcomes (no prolapse, no pelvic floor issues, no Diastasis Recti - and I had it with my first) - big part in thanks to you!  So thank you for everything you are doing!"


"Training with Julia means you have a one stop shop for pre and post natal fitness. Her routines for every phase are varied and appropriate enabling customization based on how you feel that day. She is a wonderful listener, cares about her clients, and is a true expert in the space."


"Julia is incredibly knowledgeable and caring in her approach to prenatal health and wellness. Going through the entire program from 1st to 3rd trimester really helped assuage my fears of not being able to move during the 40 weeks of pregnancy and helped me get a much better understanding of how everything in my core and pelvic floor is connected."
Prenatal and postpartum personal trainer exercising

Julia Neto

Your Prenatal and Postpartum BFF

As a personal trainer for pregnant and postpartum women in NYC for more than 8 years, I've realized that so many women have the same questions about safe fitness and the changes happening in their bodies, and are not getting answers from traditional sources like their doctors or mainstream fitness platforms.


After gathering hands-on experience, completing multiple fitness certifications, and meeting other experts like pelvic floor physical therapists, nutritionists, mental health coaches, acupuncturists and more, I've made it my mission to bring the most informed, cutting edge, and personalized programs to as many women as possible. That's why I created Her Move.

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