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Welcome to a community all about empowering women with information about their bodies.

Why I created Her Move

While I firmly believe that women can do anything men can do (heck, sometimes even more!) I do not think it should be assumed that fitness protocols designed and tested on men should be blindly applied to women. We are incredibly complex biologically, hormonally, and structurally, and I think it's about time there was a fitness program embracing and supporting that.

I have trained countless women one on one throughout their pregnancies and postpartum recovery periods, and have seen firsthand how many fears, questions, and concerns women have about exercise during these times that are going unanswered. I have spoken to women who are confused about how fitness impacts their fertility, and have met with fertility doctors to understand how we can support that process. I have heard the complaints of women whose menstrual cycle irregularities and pain have been ignored by their doctors, and I have seen firsthand how using fitness to support our hormonal fluctuations can have a massive impact on how we feel. 

Less important than all of that real world experience, I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer of 8 years, an IFPA Pre and Post Natal Specialist, a CES Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach. I am constantly educating myself on new and emerging information in the women's wellness space, and am committed to bringing my findings to as many people as possible!

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