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One platform, one membership

The Her Move programs carry you all the way through your pregnancy and postpartum recovery, and soon will include support for before and after. Basically, you never have to leave me, and this is all accessible under

one Her Move membership

Prenatal Program

The Prenatal Program is designed to carry you through your entire pregnancy, from the moment you find out you are pregnant until the day your baby arrives, with a clear program to follow each week.


Each week features 3 full strength workouts, a short core focused workout tailored to that part of pregnancy, and a fun cardio workout.


For each trimester I walk you through some of the most common symptoms and concerns many women experience, modifications and misconceptions for exercise during this period, and guidance on listening to signs from your body so you can adapt your workouts to work best for you.

Woman kneeling on yoga mat doing a prenatal breathing exercise with hands on her belly
Woman laying on yoga mat doing postpartum core exercise

Postpartum Recovery Program

The Postpartum Recovery Program is designed systematically to rebuild your strength and restore your body. We'll start by reconnecting to your core and pelvic floor, then rebuilding your stability, and finally regaining strength and stamina until you feel like your old self again - or hopefully even better!

Whether you have had a C-section, pelvic floor trauma, diastasis recti, or any other common post birth concerns, there is a track of this program that will guide you safely on your own unique journey.

Officially live!

Cycle Syncing & Fertility Program

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying NOT to get pregnant, the most important first step you can take is getting in touch with your menstrual cycle, and the hormonal fluctuations that come with it.


Did you know we have 4 distinct phases of our cycle that each have a different effect on our mental processes, energy levels, metabolism, and how we positively or negatively respond to exercise? I know, I didn't know until recently either! But as this new field of women's fitness emerges, I am following all of the research on the forefront and cannot wait to bring this content to the platform.

I see this program as an excellent entry to point to Her Move if you haven't been involved in one of the prenatal or postnatal programs, and also as a bridge between all of the programs.

Coming 2024

Woman wearing athletic clothes jumping in the air and smiling
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